High Speed Wireless Networking

Wireless solutions provide enterprise class connectivity at distances of less than 1 mile to more than 40 miles away. They are ideal where high speed connections are required

to extend or provide redundancy to existing networks. Enterprises can eliminate recurring charges of leased lines and long install times. Enterprise systems can be installed in most locations within 2 weeks.

JDL Solutions wireless radios implementations offer enterprise IT departments a range of easily-deployed, economical solutions for connecting multiple buildings to the corporate data network.

Wireless Point-to-Point

– Proxim high-capacity wireless Ethernet bridges provide the industry's most reliable, secure and easily-deployed solutions for interconnecting corporate and telecommunications networks. Proxim's Tsunami family of point-to-point wireless Ethernet bridges provide transparent, carrier-class connectivity with performance options ranging from 11 to 960 Mbps - easily integrating VPN, realtime video, voice-over-IP, and digital PBX connections over a single wireless network. Lynx point-to-point products are the fastest and most economical solutions for expanding or extending telecommunications infrastructures - delivering capacities from fractional T1 to OC-3 wherever needed.

Wireless Point-to-Multipoint

– Proxim's Tsunami family of outdoor point-to-multipoint wireless Ethernet systems offer today's most flexible, economical and easily deployed solutions for connecting multiple remote sites to the network - ideal for interconnecting campus buildings and security systems, integrating detached business sites or installing last mile connections. Proxim offers cost-effective solutions for service providers who need to meet the budget requirements of their residential customers, as well as high-end solutions for carriers and enterprises that require maximum performance and reliability. Tsunami point-to-multipoint models range from 11 to 60 Mbps capacity in both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz license-exempt bands.

Wireless Mesh

– The Firetide HotPortTM High Performance Mesh Network provides a high capacity, self-healing wireless mesh backbone for outdoor and indoor networks. Designed for maximum performance, scalability, and ease of use, the HotPort mesh network works seamlessly between indoor and outdoor environments and can operate in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz spectrums. The HotPort system enables multiple network services and standard Ethernet devices to operate on the wireless backbone creating secure and reliable wireless networks for video, voice and data. The HotPort family includes a multi-port 10/100 Ethernet switch for each node, VLAN capability, traffic prioritization, and remote management.