Data Center - Power & Environmental Control

– Computer rooms are an important component of the overall data center environment. Their purpose is to shelter network and server infrastructure as well as their related cabling, otherwise known as the computer room’s critical load.

In creating a secure and efficient computer room design, special consideration must be given to good planning and the implementation of the right technologies. The success of your design is dependent on the long-term scalability, flexibility and availability of your facility. Here are some computer room design tips to help your business optimize network performance, achieve its long-term availability goals and avoid costly problems in your computer room:

– In any mission critical environment, it’s important to provide adequate, scalable power for the load. Installation of an Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) can be the most important and cost effective addition to your organization. From Single workstations, where downtime is tolerable, to large-scale power distribution, conditioning, extended run-time, and redundant systems where uptime is crucial, JDL Solutions can architect a system to ensure time for graceful shutdown of a workstation to continuous availability.

  • Workstation UPS systems
  • Network/Large scale UPS systems
  • Redundant UPS systems
  • System monitoring using SNMP
  • Surge suppression
  • Lightning protection

– To design a computer room cooling system that operates effectively, you need a firm understanding of the amount of heat produced by the equipment contained in the enclosed space, along with the heat produced by other heat sources, such as conduction from adjacent spaces. Be sure to account for factors such as ceiling height, access floor depth, equipment layout and overall heat load.

The design and construction of your computer room should meet the current technological needs of your business, while allowing for expansion along with the changing technology and business landscape. The use of modular systems, where the characteristics of the modules are known and the steps to add more modules are simple, is an excellent strategy to address growth without major disruptions.

– High-availability is accomplished by providing redundancy for all, major and minor, systems, thereby eliminating single points of failure. By installing additional resources for system redundancy, hardware upgrades can be handled without fear of network failures. Incorporate redundant systems into your initial computer room design and continue to do so as your facility expands or upgrades its technology.

Fire Protection
– To protect your investment in hardware, software, and personnel, clean agent fire suppression systems should be an integral part of you data center design.  Deployed below the raised floor or through ceiling mounted nozzles,  clean agent systems can protect the entire data center without the use of harmful water based systems.  Integrated with building HVAC, data center cooling, and building alarm control centers, you can provide the highest level of protection against downtime from fire, water, or smote damage. 

Water Protection
– In addition to fire protection, protect your critical areas including production areas as well as the data center against water related problems that cause structural damage and costly downtime with alarm monitoring systems from JDL Solutions. Chilled water piping, condensation lines, plumbing lines, roof leak issues - any of these can bring you down before you know it. Protect yourself with water detection monitoring.

– After your computer room is complete, the job of monitoring the IT and support infrastructure begins. Computer room monitoring is the vital last line of defense in achieving a high availability environment. When evaluating monitoring systems, look for solutions that are cost effective, easy-to-use, designed with intuitive alarming and escalation methodologies, and built to provide robust reporting all from a central and secure location.


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